Everyone has his or her own value and talents. Colorful Wisdomis essentially a member first online platform (we call this platform the “Wisdom Bank”) where anyone with the know-how in any field can use their knowledge, expertise, life stories or experiences to help others master new skills with ease. When a new member (we call our members “Brain Gurus”) signs up, he or she will follow our professionally designed templates (stories + theories + toolbox) to create his or her own “Microcosmos”, or skill packages (we have quality assurance procedures to ensure that these packages contain high-quality content that’s easily understandable and applicable), which will then be published in different languages (e.g. English, Spanish, Chinese, etc.) and available in the Wisdom Bank for customers of different countries (e.g. English, Spanish, and Chinese-Speaking countries, etc.) to purchase. And whenever a member’s Microcosmos is purchased, he or she gets rewarded for it (according to the company’s Colorful WisdomReward). Additionally, since we’re a member first organization, all members become a part of the company when they join, and are entitled to sharing company profits (according to the company’s Colorful WisdomReward). By joining the company and contributing to the Wisdom Bank, not only do members get a chance to earn financial rewards, more importantly, they are provided a channel to pass on their knowledge and expertise to others and help others succeed in their field as well, which we believe is the key to living a happy, fulfilling life, and ultimately achieving self-actualization.

Our vision is an extraordinary, cutting-edge and ever-expanding virtual encyclopedia with concentrated wisdom and practical tools that people of all countries, all languages, all backgrounds and all times can learn from and contribute to.

Our mission is to make people from all backgrounds of life feel at ease and be happy by creating a universal online platform that’s full of simple yet profound and inspiring stories with accompanying knowledge and practicable toolbox, and where anyone with the knowledge, expertise, life stories or experiences in any field can contribute to and benefit from, both financially and spiritually.

Our model will help people make the money they need to keep a balanced life where they can feel at ease, be happy, and help others at the same time.

Enrich, Inspire, Enlighten
豐富自己, 啟發他人,照亮後世
Be a ray of sunshine in another’s cloud (member perspective).
Mastering new skills never felt easier (customer perspective).